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An award, sometimes known as a distinction, is a mark of honour presented to a person for their achievements in a particular profession. A decoration is a memento that is meant to be worn, such as a medalribbon, or other object.

Three features can be used to characterise an award: 1) to whom it is provided 2) what 3) by whom, all of which change depending on the goal.

Often, the recipient is a single individual or a representative of a group of people, such as an organisation, a sports team, or a country. The reward object might be a decoration, which is a wearable emblem such as a medal, badge, or rosette (award). A token object, such as a certificate, diploma, championship belt, trophy, or plaque, can also be used. A title of honour, as well as an object of direct value, such as prize money or a scholarship, may be included in or accompany the award.

Furthermore, an honourable mention is an award awarded, often in education, that does not confer a better position on the recipient(s) but is worthy of notice in a dignified manner. A state decoration may be bestowed by a sovereign state, dynasty, or other official authority (see font of honour), or by a private organisation or individual. Ecclesiastical authority may also be included, as in the case of ecclesiastical rewards.


The Nobel Prize, for example, rewards societal accomplishments, whereas the Pulitzer Prize celebrates literary achievements. An award might sometimes be nothing more than a public acknowledgement of achievement, with no physical reward or symbol.

Cups are commonly used as awards for sporting events, a practise that dates back to the ancient Greek tripod awarded to champions of athletic competitions. A current example is the Stanley Cup. Employee appreciation awards, on the other hand, are frequently in the shape of plaques or crystal pieces. A monetary reward may be awarded to the recipient of an award.

Finally, rather of recognising success, an award may honour participation. The propriety of participation rewards for pupils in American schools is a source of debate.

Phaleristics, an auxiliary science of history and numismatics that examines orders, fraternities, and award objects like as medals and other decorations, is a related field to rewards.

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