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Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) are big cats found in Africa and central Iran. It is the world’s fastest land animal, capable of speeds ranging from 80 to 128 km/h (50 to 80 mph), with the fastest consistently documented speeds of 93 and 98 km/h (58 and 61 mph), and has numerous adaptations for speed, including a light body, long slender legs, and a long tail. Its shoulder length is generally 67–94 cm (26–37 in), and its head-and-body length is between 1.1 and 1.5 m. (3 ft 7 in and 4 ft 11 in). Adults range in weight from 20 to 65 kg (44 and 143 lb). It has a short nose and black tear-like facial stripes on its tiny, rounded skull. The coat is usually tawny to creamy white or pale buff in color, with solid black dots that are uniformly spaced. There are four subspecies that have been identified.

Females with their offspring, male “coalitions,” and solitary males are the three primary social groupings of cheetahs. Males are more stationary and may instead create much smaller territories in locations with abundant food and access to females, whereas females live a nomadic existence looking for prey in wide home ranges. Cheetahs are most active throughout the day, with peaks around dawn and dusk. It favors medium-sized ungulates like impala, springbok, and Thomson’s gazelles, and feeds on tiny to medium-sized prey that weighs less than 40 kg (88 lb). The cheetah stalks its victim to a distance of 60–70 meters (200–230 feet), then charges at it, trips it during the pursuit, and bites its throat to choke it to death. It is a year-round breeder. A litter of three or four cubs is born after a roughly three-month gestation period. Cheetah cubs are particularly vulnerable to hyenas and lions, as well as other big predators. They are weaned at about four months and are self-sufficient by 20 months.


The cheetah may be found in a number of environments, including the Serengeti’s savannahs, the Sahara’s dry mountain ranges, and Iran’s rocky desert terrain. Habitat loss, interaction with people, poaching, and a high vulnerability to illnesses are all threats to the cheetah. The cheetah used to be found over much of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East and Central India, but currently only exists in small, scattered groups in central Iran and southern, eastern, and northwestern Africa. The worldwide cheetah population was projected to be approximately 7,100 individuals in the wild in 2016, according to the IUCN Red List, and it is classified as Vulnerable. Cheetahs were once domesticated and trained to hunt ungulates. They’ve been represented in a variety of media, including art, literature, advertising, and animation.

The cheetah has frequently appeared in advertising and animation. Chester Cheetah, an anthropomorphic cheetah, was established as the mascot for Frito-snack Lay’s product Cheetos in 1986. Apple Inc.’s Mac OS X 10.0 was code-named “Cheetah,” and the following versions published before 2013 were all named after cats. Cheetara, an anthropomorphic cheetah, voiced by Lynne Lipton, appeared in the anime series ThunderCats. Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, aka The Cheetah, is Wonder Woman’s main foe in the Wonder Woman comic book series.

Download Cheetah Silhouette PNG vector transparent background images

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