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A comb is a tool having a shaft and a row of teeth that are used to clean, untangle, or style hair by drawing through it. Combs have been used in Persia from prehistoric times, with exceptionally polished specimens discovered in towns dating back 5,000 years.

Combs is composed of a shaft and teeth that are perpendicular to the shaft. Combs are made of a number of materials, with plastic, metal, and wood being the most common. Ivory and tortoiseshell combs were previously common, but their use has decreased owing to animal welfare issues. When fashioned of wood, combs are generally made of boxwood, cherry wood, or other fine-grained wood. Handcrafted and polished wooden combs are typical of excellent quality.

Combs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, depending on their intended use. A hairdressing comb with a thin, tapered handle is used to separate hair and close teeth. The teeth of the most popular hair combs are wider in the middle and finer as they go. Hot combs were exclusively used to straighten hair during the colonial period in North America.

Hairbrushes come in both manual and powered varieties. It’s somewhat larger than a comb and is used to shape, style, and wash hair. A comb and brushing combination was patented in the nineteenth century.

Combs can be used for a wide range of purposes. In the past, they were mostly used to maintain long hair in place, adorn it, link strands of hair for dreadlocks, and keep a kippah or skullcap in place. In Spain, a pinetum is a lovely comb used to keep a mantilla in place.


Cotton fibers are separated from seeds and other debris using combs in business and craft (the cotton gin, a mechanized version of the comb, is one of the machines that ushered in the Industrial Revolution). A comb is used to spread colors in paper marbling to create the swirling color patterns on comb-marbled paper.

Police investigators also utilize combs to collect hair and dandruff samples in order to identify the identities of deceased or living persons, as well as their health, toxicological profiles, and other information.

Artisan combs fashioned from a variety of creative and recycled materials have become increasingly popular in recent years. Skateboards, vinyl records, brass, titanium alloy, acrylic, sterling silver, and exotic wood are among the materials used.

Humming with cropped lips on one side of the comb while stringing a plant’s leaf or a piece of paper over the other side dramatically increases the hum produced by the human voice box’s high-frequency harmonic content, and the resulting spread sound spectrum can be modulated by changing the oral cavity’s resonating frequency. This gave rise to the kazoo, a membranophone.

A lamellophone may be made out of the comb. The form, length, and substance of comb teeth all contribute to their distinct harmonic properties. A comb with unevenly spaced teeth that could produce different sounds when plucked gave rise to the thumb piano and music box.

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