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Conch (/kk, knt/) is the popular term for a kind of medium-to-large-sized sea snail shells, usually those of big snails with a prominent siphonal canal and a high spire (in other words, the shell comes to a noticeable point at both ends).

In North America, a conch is commonly referred to as a queen conch, which is native to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Queen conchs are prized for their cuisine and as fish bait.

Marine gastropod mollusks of the family Strombidae, especially in the genus Strombus and other closely related genera, are frequently referred to as “real conchs.” Lobatus gigas, the queen conch, and Laevistrombus canarium, the dog conch, are two examples.

Many additional species, such as Melongena species (family Melongenidae) and the horse conch Triplofusus papillosus, are sometimes referred to as “conchs” but are unrelated to the Strombidae family (family Fasciolariidae). The sacred chank or shankha shell (Turbinella Hyrum) and other Turbinella species in the Turbinellidae family are also referred to as conchs. The trumpet of the Triton (family Charoniidae) may also be made into a horn and called a conch.

The English term “conch” dates back to Middle English and is derived from Latin concha (shellfish, mussel), which is derived from Greek lunch (same meaning) and ultimately from the Proto-Indo-European root *konkho-, which is cognate with Sanskrit Akha.

A conch is a kind of marine snail that belongs to the Mollusca phylum. A conch shell is a musical instrument or decorative item with remarkable strength. It’s made up of around 95% calcium carbs. Conch flesh is used in salads and burgers, as well as chowders, fritters, and gumbos. The meat of the conch can be eaten on its whole.


Conch is a native of the Bahamas and is commonly eaten as a fritter, salad, or soup. Conch is also consumed in the West Indies (particularly Jamaica), where it is used in stews and other types of curries. This specific meat is served in restaurants all around the islands. Conch is widely consumed in curries or hot soups in the Dominican Republic, Grenada, and Haiti. Lambi is the local term for it. In Puerto Rico, raw conch is marinated in lime juice, olive oil, vinegar, garlic, green peppers, and onions and served as a ceviche known as Ensalada de Garrucha (conch salad). Empanadas are also filled with it.

Conch is known as Cambogia in Panama, and it is frequently served as ceviche de Cambogia, which consists of raw conch marinated in lime juice with chopped onions, finely chopped habaneros, and vinegar.

In Italy and among Italian Americans, the conch is highly popular. Scungilli (pl. scungilli) is a versatile vegetable that may be used in a number of dishes but is most commonly served in salads or as a pasta sauce. It is frequently served as one of the seven fishes meals at the Feast of the Seven Fishes.

Conch is frequently sliced into small pieces and cooked or stir-fried in East Asian dishes.

The United States imports 80% of the queen conch meat that is traded internationally. Until the 1970s, the Florida Keys were a significant supply of queen conchs, but the conchs are now uncommon, and any harvesting in Florida waters is illegal, and those who have collected them have been prosecuted. Five percent organic materials and 5% rate The meat of the conch is edible.

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