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The face is the portion of an animal’s head that houses three sensory organs: the eyes, nose, and mouth, and through which animals express a variety of emotions. Human identity is based on the face, and damage to it, such as scarring or developmental anomalies, has a detrimental influence on the psyche.

The face of a person is the feature that most defines them. Face recognition is facilitated by specific regions of the human brain, such as the fusiform face area (FFA); if these are damaged, even close family members’ characteristics may be difficult to recognize. Individuals are identified by the pattern of specific organs, such as the eyes or sections of them, in biometric identification.

The shape of the face is controlled by the bone structure of the skull, and each face is unique owing to an anatomical variation in the bones of the viscerocranium (and neurocranium). The bones that form the face are the maxilla, mandible, nasal bone, and zygomatic bone. Various soft tissues, such as fat, hair, and skin, play an important role as well (of which color may vary).

Characteristics that are common in children or infants, such as big buccal fat-pads, which assist in supporting the cheeks when feeding, go away as the face matures. At the same time, the size of the buccal fat pads shrinks as people become older, the prominence of bones increases.

For example, facial symmetry is a significant determinant of beauty.

Genes have a crucial influence on the distinctive look of a person’s face, as seen by identical twins’ striking likeness in appearance, implying that the bulk of facial variety is determined genetically.


According to studies, genes and gene regions affect the shape and features of the face. According to a study released in 2021, a variation of a gene associated with lip thickness was introgressed from ancient humans known as Denisovans into modern humans known as Native Americans, probably due to adaption to the cold climate via fat distribution. To assemble and discover facial phenotype-gene correlations, biological databases may be used.

Faces are essential for communicating emotion, whether deliberately or unconsciously. A frown usually denotes disapproval, whereas a grin usually denotes joy. The ability to read emotion in another’s face is “important for empathy and the capability to appraise a person’s feelings and anticipate the likelihood of following acts.” One study utilized the Multimodal Emotion Recognition Test to try to figure out how to measure emotion. The objective of this study was to utilize a measuring device to identify emotion in a face, which is something that most people do on a regular basis.

Face muscles play an essential role in emotional expression, and they change from person to person, resulting in even greater diversity in face expression and features.

People are also quite good at determining whether or not a grin is genuine. Recent research looked at people who were evaluating fake vs. real smiles. When it came to smiling young people, both young and senior participants were able to distinguish between posed and spontaneous grins, although “older adult participants outperformed young adult participants in discriminating between posed and spontaneous smiles.” This means that as we acquire experience and age, we improve our ability to recognize genuine emotions in individuals of all ages.

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