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A fireman is a specially trained rescuer who is primarily responsible for putting out dangerous fires that endanger people, property, and the environment, as well as rescuing humans and, in certain circumstances or locations, animals from perilous situations. Despite the fact that it is illegal to use the title “fireman,” male firefighters are occasionally referred to as such (and, less typically, a female firefighter as a firewoman).

The fire service, often known as the fire brigade or fire department in different countries, is one of the three primary emergency services. Firefighters are now commonplace in cities and on ships all around the world.

Throughout a firefighter’s career, the abilities necessary for safe operations are frequently assessed as part of training. Basic firefighting abilities are often taught in fire academies or training courses that are sanctioned by the local, regional, or state government. Additional skills and certifications, such as technical rescue and pre-hospital medicine, maybe gained at this stage, depending on the demands of a department.

Other emergency response services, such as the police and ambulance, collaborate closely with firefighters. The duties of a firefighter may overlap with both. The cause of a fire is investigated by fire investigators or fire marshals. Their actions would overlap with those of law enforcement if the fire was sparked by arson or carelessness. In certain systems, firefighters also provide emergency medical treatment, such as full-time paramedics from engine, truck, and rescue companies who provide advanced life support until an ambulance arrives.

Size-up, extinguishing, ventilation, search and rescue, salvage, containment, clean-up, and overhaul are some of the abilities necessary in firefighting.


The presence of three components causes a fire to start: fuel, oxygen, and heat. The “fire triangle” is the name given to this scenario. When a fourth element is included, the fire tetrahedron is produced, and it is a chemical chain reaction that can aid in the maintenance of certain forms of fire. The goal of firefighting is to put out at least one component of the fire. The most frequent approach is to douse the flames with water. On the other hand, some flames may need the use of foam or other dry agents. Ladder trucks, pumper trucks, tanker trucks, fire hoses, and fire extinguishers are among the equipment available to firefighters for this purpose.

While most fires are contained in small sections of a home, smoke, water, and blazing embers can do significant damage. The first task for incoming fire crews is usually to turn off utilities (such as gas and electricity). To obtain entrance to the structure, forceful entry may be necessary. When hazardous compounds are handled or stored on a site, certain procedures and equipment are required.

Internal, exterior, or combined resources can be used to put out structure fires. Using the “two in, two out” technique, interior employees may run fire hose lines inside the structure, locate the fire, and extinguish it with water. Water may be poured through windows and other openings, as well as against any adjacent fuels exposed to the original fire, by outside personnel. If hose streams are directed inside the structure through exterior wall openings, firemen on the inside may be harmed.

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