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The German Shepherd is a working dog breed that originated in Germany and ranges in size from medium to big. The German Shepherd Dog is the breed’s English language name, according to the FCI. In the United Kingdom, the breed was officially known as the “Alsatian Wolf Dog” from the end of World War I until 1977, when it was renamed German Shepherd. The German Shepherd, despite its wolf-like look, is a relatively new canine breed, going back to 1899.

German Shepherds are herding canines that were initially developed to herd sheep. German Shepherds have now become the ideal breed for many sorts of jobs, including disability assistance, search-and-rescue, police and military duties, and acting, due to their strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience. The German Shepherd is the second-most registered breed in the United States and the seventh-most registered breed in the United Kingdom, according to the American Kennel Club.

German Shepherds range in size from modest to big. Males must be 60–65 cm (24–26 in) tall at the withers, while females must be 55–60 cm (22–24 in) tall. German Shepherds are taller than they are long, with a proportion of 10 to 8+12 being optimal. The official breed standard of the AKC does not include a weight range. They feature a black snout, a domed forehead, and a large square-cut mouth with powerful jaws. The eyes are dark and medium in size. The ears are big, open at the front, and parallel, however they are frequently pushed back during movement. A German Shepherd has a long neck that is lifted when it is enthusiastic and lowered when it is moving quickly or stalking. The bushy tail goes all the way to the hock.


German Shepherds have a thick undercoat and a double coat that is close and dense. The coat comes in two different lengths: medium and long. Because the gene for long hair is recessive, the long-haired type is more uncommon. The German and UK Kennel Clubs accept the long-haired variant but do not allow it to compete against standard-coated dogs, but the American Kennel Club allows it to compete with standard-coated dogs but considers it a defect. In 2010, the FCI recognized the long-haired form as variation b, whereas the short-haired variant was designated as variety.

German Shepherds are usually tan/black or red/black in color. Black masks and body markings, which can range from a traditional “saddle” to an entire “blanket,” are seen on most color variations. Sable, pure-black, pure-white, liver, silver, blue, and panda are some of the more uncommon color variants. Most standards consider the all-black and sable variants acceptable; however, the blue and liver versions are regarded significant flaws, and the all-white variety is grounds for immediate disqualification from exhibiting in conformation at All Breed and Specialty Shows.

According to a genetic study published in 2018, a widely distributed European herding dog gave rise to the German Shepherd Dog, the French Berger Picard, and the five Italian herding breeds: the Bergamasco Shepherd, Cane Paratore, Lupino del Gigante, Pastore d’Oropa, and Pastore della Lessinia e del Lagorai just prior to 1859.

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