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A lifebuoy (also known as a flotation device) is a buoy that is flung into the water to provide buoyancy to a person (and prevent drowning). Certain modern lifebuoys are fitted with one or more seawater-activated lights to aid rescue at night.

Other names for “lifebuoy” include lifebelt, water wheely, ring buoy, lifering, lifesaver, life doughnut, life preserver, Perry buoy, and Kisbee ring. The “Kisbee ring,” also known as the “Kirby ring” or “kissing ring,” was most likely named after Thomas Kisbee (1792″1877), a British naval captain and inventor.

A lifebuoy is a ring- or horseshoe-shaped personal floatation device with a connecting rope that may be hauled to a rescuer in a boat. Ships deliver them, and they’re frequently located near bodies of water with enough depth or the potential to drown someone. Because the lack of lifebuoys might result in death, they are regularly targeted for vandalism, which can result in penalties (up to £5,000 in the United Kingdom) or jail.


The Royal Life Saving Society of the United Kingdom deems lifebuoys unsuitable for use in swimming pools since tossing one into a crowded pool might harm the victim or other pool users. In certain locations, lifebuoys have been replaced by devices such as torpedo buoys.

Lifebuoys approved by the Coast Guard are classed as Type IV personal flotation devices in the United States. At least one Type IV PFD is required on all boats 26 feet or longer.

Leonardo da Vinci drew a lifebuoy, as well as buoyant shoes and balancing poles for walking on water.

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