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The hat-trick is a well-known magic trick in which a performer seems to generate an object (typically a rabbit or a bouquet of flowers) from an empty top hat.

In its most simple form, the procedure involves laying the hat on a specially constructed table or chest. Both the hat and the surface it is worn on will have a hidden hole through which an object stored in a compartment in the table or chest may be retrieved. Alternatively, the performer can produce an item hidden in their sleeve using sleight of hand and trickery. This eliminates the need to lay the hat on a surface and allows the performer to deliver the hat to a member of the audience for inspection. Creating a rabbit out of a hat with simply sleight of hand, on the other hand, is a far more difficult task.


It is generally done for children because it is a simple technique using simple materials.

In 1814, Louis Comte was credited with becoming the first magician to successfully extract a rabbit from a hat. This has also been ascribed to John Henry Anderson, who lived much later.

This magic trick is so well-known that it has been included in several publications. The performer’s top hat has become almost synonymous with stage magicians, and it is commonly used as a symbol of magic (such as the example on the right). Because rabbits are so intimately associated with the trick, they are usually used to represent magic in general.

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