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A mouse, or mice as a group, is a tiny rodent. Mice have a pointed nose, tiny rounded ears, a scaly tail that runs the length of their body, and a rapid breeding rate. The common house mouse is the most well-known mouse species (Mus musculus). Mice are also commonly kept as pets. Certain types of field mice are locally common in various areas. They are known to break into homes in search of food and refuge.

Rodentia is the order in which mice are categorized. Mice are categorized as Mus in the genus Mus.

Mice and rats are usually recognized by their size. When a muroid rodent is discovered, its common name usually contains the terms mouse or rat, depending on how big it is. The words “rat” and “mouse” aren’t taxonomically distinct. Scientifically, the name mouse does not just refer to members of the Mus genus, but also to animals from other genera, such as Peromyscus, the deer mouse.

Domestic mice offered as pets are frequently larger than the average house mouse. This is due to breeding and varying environmental circumstances in the wild. The white lab mouse is the most well-known mouse strain. It has more consistent characteristics that make it suitable for study.

Mice have been reported to be preyed upon by cats, wild dogsfoxesbirds of prey, snakes, and even some types of arthropods. Despite this, mouse populations continue to be abundant. The mouse is one of the most successful mammalian genera on the planet today, owing to its amazing adaptability to nearly any environment.


Mice can be considered pests in several situations. Vermin, which are known to inflict structural damage and spread illness, are a major source of crop loss. Mice transmit illness through their excrement and are frequently parasite carriers. In North America, hantavirus has been related to inhaling dust that has come into touch with mouse feces, which can cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS).

Mice are mostly nocturnal creatures with a high sense of hearing to compensate for their weak eyesight. To find food and escape predators, they rely on their sense of smell.

Mice are commonly used as experimental animals in biology and psychology labs, largely because they are mammals with a high degree of similarity to humans. They are the most used mammalian model organism, outnumbering rats. The mouse genome has been sequenced, and nearly every gene in the mouse has a human counterpart.

The mouse has 20 pairs of chromosomes and roughly 2.7 billion base pairs. They can also be modified in ways that are unlawful for humans, notwithstanding the objections of animal rights groups. A knockout mouse is a genetically engineered mouse in which one or more genes have been rendered inactive via a gene knockout.

Mice are popular because they are tiny and cheap, have a broad variety of diets, are easy to keep, and breed fast. In a very short period of time, several generations of mice may be observed. Mice, if reared from infancy and given enough human interaction, are typically quite docile. Certain strains, on the other hand, have a reputation for being temperamental.

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