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The percent sign % (or percent sign in British English) is the symbol used to indicate a percentage, number, or ratio as part of 100. Related signs include the sign permille(per thousands) ‰ and the sign permyriad (ten thousand) ‱ as a base point), which indicates that the number is divided by one thousand or ten thousand, respectively. Larger proportions use scoring parts.

Form and spacing

English-style guides prescribe the writing of the percent sign by number without a space between them (for example, 50%). However, the International System of Units and the ISO 31-0 standard prescribes an interval between a number and a percent sign, in accordance with the general practice of using an uninterrupted space between a numerical value and the relevant unit of measure.

Other languages have other rules for spacing in front of the percent sign:

In Czech and Slovak, the percent sign is spaced with a non-stop interval if the number is used as a noun. In Czech, no space is entered if the number is used as an adjective (e.g., “50% increase”), while in Slovak, it uses a space that does not break in this case as well. In Finnish, the percentage sign is always spaced, and a case suffix can be attached using the colon (for example, 50%: n kasvu ‘50% increase’). In French, the percent sign must be spaced at a distance with an uninterrupted interval.


According to the Real Academia Española, in Spanish, the percent sign should be spaced now, despite the fact that this is not the linguistic norm. In Russian, the percent sign is rarely separated, contrary to the instructions of the state standard GOST 8.417-2002. In Chinese, the percent sign is almost never spaced, probably because the Chinese do not use spaces at all to separate characters or words. According to the Swedish Language Council, the percentage sign must be preceded by a Swedish interval, as must all other units. In German, the space is prescribed by the regulatory body in the national standard DIN 5008.

In Turkish and other Turkic languages, the percent sign precedes, not follows, the number without space. In Persian texts, the percent sign may precede or follow the number, in both cases without space. In Arabic, the percent sign follows the number; because Arabic is written from right to left, this means that the percent sign is to the left of the number, usually without space. In Hebrew, the percent sign is written to the right of the number, just like in English, without space. This is because Hebrew numbers (which are otherwise written from right to left) are written from left to right, as in English.

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