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A sparrow belongs to the Passer genus. They are tiny passerine birds belonging to the Passeridae family. Old-world sparrows is another name for them. Sparrows frequently construct their nests near houses or other structures. This makes them one of the most visible birds in the wild.

Around the world, there are around 30 species of this genus. The house sparrow, Passer domesticus, is the most well-known of them.

Other genera in the sparrow family include Petronia, which includes rock sparrows, Carpospiza, which includes pale rockfinches, and Montifringilla, which includes snowfinches.

The house sparrow (Passer domesticus) belongs to the sparrow family. It may be found all over the world. It used to exclusively exist in Europe and Asia. People, on the other hand, traveled to new locations, and the house sparrow followed suit. It is presently the bird with the greatest range. This indicates that it can be found in the most locations. There are about 50 subspecies in this species.


Sparrows may be found on all seven continents. They used to dwell solely in Europe, Asia, and Africa. People have migrated to Australia, North America, and South America, and sparrows may now be found there as well. The house sparrow may be found on all seven continents. Western Australia has no sparrows because they have not been able to cross the deserts that separate it from the eastern states of Australia. People are hired by the government to hunt down and kill any sparrows that may appear.

North America is located in North America.


The house sparrow arrived in the United States in the late 1800s. It was purposefully introduced. It was brought in by a number of persons, notably Eugene Schieffelin, a rich New York City Shakespeare fan. He intended to bring all of the birds mentioned in Shakespeare’s writings to America. Starlings and house sparrows were two of the most successful species. In Albany, he established a club for the importing of exotic birds.

The house sparrow is found in close proximity to humans, frequently near human homes in towns and cities. It also makes its home near fields, nesting in a shrub or small tree. Each year, it can have two or three broods. Each year, it produces two or three sets of eggs and chicks.

The types of nesting places vary, although cavities are favored. The most common places for nests to be made are in the eaves and other cracks of homes. Tree hollows or holes in cliffs and banks are also utilised. p52–57 In sandy banks or rotting branches, a sparrow may dig its own nest. It prefers to utilize other birds’ nests, such as swallows’ nests on banks and cliffs, as well as ancient tree nest holes.

It frequently utilizes abandoned nests. It sometimes takes over active nests by driving the inhabitants away or killing them. In North America, tree hollows are more prevalent than in Europe. This puts sparrows in competition with bluebirds and other North American cavity nesters, resulting in a decrease in the native bird population.

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