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The letter T, or t, is the twentieth in the contemporary English alphabet and in the ISO basic Latin alphabet. In English, it is known as tee (pronounced /ti/), plural tees. It comes from the Semitic letters taw (,,) and the Greek character taw (tau). The voiceless alveolar plosive, which it also designates in the International Phonetic Alphabet, is the sound it most often represents in English. In English-language literature, it is the most often used consonant and the second most common letter.

The Western Semitic and Hebrew alphabets ended with the letter Taw. In most of these alphabets, the sound value of Semitic Taw, Greek alphabet T (Tau), Old Italic, and Latin T has stayed fairly stable, and it has also retained its original fundamental form.

Applied to writing systems


In English, t generally refers to the voiceless alveolar plosive (IPA and X-SAMPA: /t/), as in tart, tee, or ties, and is commonly used with aspiration at the beginning of words or before stressed vowels.


When preceded by a vowel, the digraph ti frequently corresponds to the sound / (a voiceless palato-alveolar sibilant), as in country, ratio, negotiation, and Croatia.

As a result of yod-coalescence, the letter t in some words correlates to the affricate /t/. (for example, in words ending in “-ture”, such as future).

The digraph th, which generally indicates a dental fricative but may also represent /t/, is a frequent one (as in Thomas and thyme.)

Other dialects

It is frequently used in other languages’ orthographies for /t/, the voiceless dental plosive /t/, or related sounds.

Download T Letter Silhouette PNG vector transparent background images

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