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A teacher (also known as a schoolteacher or educator) is a person who assists pupils in gaining knowledge, competence, or virtue.

Anyone can take on the job of teacher informally (e.g., when showing a colleague how to perform a specific task). In certain countries, rather than in a formal environment such as a school or college, young people of school age may be taught in an informal setting such as inside the family (homeschooling). Other occupations may need a substantial quantity of teaching (e.g., youth worker, pastor).

In most nations, paid professional instructors are in charge of the formal education of students. This article focuses on people whose primary job function is to educate others in a formal education setting, such as a school or other facility of first-level formal education or training.

The function of a teacher varies by culture.

Literacy and numeracy, handicraft or vocational training, the arts, religion, civics, community duties, or life skills may all be taught by teachers.

Preparing lessons according to the agreed-upon curriculum, conducting lessons, and measuring child progress are all formal teaching duties.

A teacher’s professional responsibilities may extend beyond classroom instruction. Teachers may accompany students on field excursions, oversee study halls, assist with the organizing of school festivities, and supervise extracurricular activities outside of the classroom. Teachers may be in charge of student discipline in various educational systems.


Teaching is a really difficult task. This is partly due to the fact that teaching is a social activity that occurs in a certain setting (time, location, culture, sociopolitical-economic condition, etc.) and is thus molded by the values of that setting. History and tradition, social perspectives on the purpose of education, recognized theories about learning, and other factors all impact what is expected (or needed) of teachers.

Teachers who are enthusiastic about the course contents and students have been proven to generate a pleasant learning environment. These instructors do not teach by rote but rather strive to keep the course information fresh in their minds on a daily basis. Teachers who cover the same material over and over may find it difficult to retain their passion, lest their pupils become bored by the content. Students evaluate enthusiastic teachers more than teachers who don’t exhibit much interest in the course materials.

Students who are curious about studying the subject matter are more likely to be engaged, interested, and energetic when their teachers are enthusiastic. According to a recent study, there is a link between instructor excitement and students’ intrinsic drive to learn and classroom liveliness. Nonverbal expressions of enthusiasm, such as demonstrative gesturing, varied dramatic movements, and emotional facial expressions, result in college students reporting higher levels of intrinsic motivation to learn, according to controlled, experimental studies on the intrinsic motivation of college students. However, while a teacher’s excitement has been proven to boost motivation and task engagement, it does not guarantee better learning outcomes or content memory.

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