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A toilet brush is a utensil used to clean the bowl of a toilet. William C. Schopp of Huntington Park, California, created the contemporary plastic version in 1932, and the Addis Brush Company patented it in 1933.

In most cases, the toilet brush is used in conjunction with toilet cleaning or bleach. The toilet brush can be used to clean the region surrounding the bowl on the upper part of the toilet. It should not, however, be used to clean the toilet seat or to clean very far inside the toilet’s U-bend.

Cleaning biological waste without using chemical toilet cleaning solutions is considered disrespectful in many cultures since it might leave residue on the bristles. Others, on the other hand, believe it is rude not to promptly clear away biological matter with the toilet brush.

A toilet brush often has the end of a firm bristle with a rounded form and a long handle. Toilet brushes were traditionally constructed of wood with pig bristles or from the hair of horses, oxen, squirrels, and badgers but are now usually manufactured of plastic. The brush is usually kept in a holder, although it can also be kept disguised in a tube.

An electric toilet brush is not the same as a regular toilet brush. The bristles are attached to the rotor of an electric motor that functions similarly to an electronic toothbrush. Electromagnetic induction is used to connect the power supply without any metal contact.


There has been a broad movement in design in recent years, with a greater emphasis on ergonomically designed brushes. Innovative holders that snap shut around the end of the bristles have been added to the design, limiting the escape of odors, bacteria, and other unpleasantries.

The possibility of germ incubation within the brush holder is a focus of the future development of the traditional toilet brush. A toilet brush with an antibacterial fluid reservoir has been patented, allowing the brush to be dipped and disinfected after each use.

Addis produced the first successful artificial Christmas tree using brush bristles, using the same equipment that was used to make its toilet brushes. The trees were manufactured from the same animal-hair bristles as the brushes but colored green.

Many innovative items aimed at reinventing the conventional toilet brush have hit the market in recent years.

The LooBlade is a toilet brush with an 8-blade silicone head that sheds water and dries thanks to its hydrophobic characteristics rapidly. It is claimed that it can eliminate 99.9% of germs both during and after cleaning. Garry Stewart was the one who came up with the idea.

The toilet brush may be replaced with the log-in. It’s a pressure washer that squirts a strong jet of clean water above and below the water line to remove stubborn stains. Because the gadget never comes into contact with the toilet, it is sanitary and child-safe.

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