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A torch is a light source that consists of a stick with flammable material at one end that is ignited. Torches have been utilized in processions, symbolic and religious ceremonies, and juggling entertainment throughout history, and they are being used today. Torch is a contemporary name for a battery-operated portable light in various nations.

Depending on the torch’s purpose, the torch structure has changed over time. Torches were generally made up of a wooden stave with one end wrapped in combustible material. Black bear bones may have been utilized in the United States. Some torches in ancient Rome were composed of sulfur and lime. This meant that even if the fire was submerged in water, it would not go out. Coarse hessian is wrapped into a tube and dipped with wax to make modern procession torches. A wooden handle and a cardboard collar are generally used to deflect any wax drips. They’re a simple, safe, and very inexpensive method to carry a torch in a procession or offer illumination at an after-dark event.

Modern juggling torches are composed of a wooden-and-metal or metal-only stave with a Kevlar wick wrapped on one end. A combustible liquid, generally paraffin, is soaked in this wick (kerosene).


The torch is a well-known symbol of both illumination and hope. As a result, the Statue of Liberty, whose official title is “Liberty Enlightening the World,” raises her torch. A torch pointed downwards signifies death, whereas a torch carried up symbolizes life, truth, and the regenerative force of flame. Crossed reversed torches were emblems of grief that occur on Greek and Roman funeral monuments. The torch is also a symbol used by political parties, such as the Labour Party in the United Kingdom (from 1918 to 1980) and the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom (from 1983 to 2006), as well as the Malta Labour Party. The torch represents the vision of education in the Philippines, which is to offer illumination to all pupils.


The Olympic flame is lit by a torch relay carried by runners, and it burns continuously until the end of the Games. Carl Diem, the event’s chairman, established these torches and the relay tradition in the 1936 Summer Olympics because during the Ancient Olympic Games in Olympia, a holy flame burning within the temple of Hera, maintained in custody by her priestess.


Juggling torches are frequently used as a prop in throw juggling: they may be tossed into the air in an end-over-end motion while being juggled, much like juggling clubs or juggling knives, but they can look much more spectacular to audiences due to their sound and ‘trail of flame.’ Although there is only a slight possibility of getting burnt by a competent juggler, they are nonetheless deadly.

In the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church,

Liturgical torches were once carried in Eucharistic processions just to provide illumination. They were finally adopted by the Church for use during Solemn High Masses.

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