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A train is a type of rail transportation that consists of a group of linked cars that travel along a railroad (or railway) track to convey people or goods (also known as “freight” or “goods”). “Train” is derived from the Old French trainer, which is derived from the Latin there, which means “to pull” or “to drag.”

A locomotive or individual motors in self-propelled multiple units provide motive power for a train. The term “engine” is frequently used in place of “locomotive.” Although steam locomotives were formerly the most frequent, diesel and electric locomotives are now the most common, with the latter being powered by overhead wires or extra tracks. Trains can also be drawn by horses, propelled by pneumatics, gas turbines, or electric batteries, move downhill using gravity or powered by pneumatics, gas turbines, or electric batteries.

The track is typically made up of two fixed-spacing running rails, which may be augmented with extra rails such as electric conducting rails (“third rail”) and rack rails. Monorails and maglev guideways are also employed from time to time.

Passenger trains are vehicles that transport passengers and are typically quite lengthy and rapid. High-speed rail systems exploded in popularity in the late twentieth century, and they continue to be a hot topic for research and development. The phrase “light rail” can refer to a contemporary tram system, but it can also refer to a hybrid between a tram and a train, comparable to a heavy rail rapid transit system.


Freight (products) trains deliver goods or commodities using freight carriages (or wagons/trucks) (cargo). A mixed consist allows passengers and freight to travel together in the same train.

“Maintenance of Way” equipment refers to rail cars and apparatus that are used to maintain and repair rails; these can be combined into the maintenance of way trains. Dedicated trains can also be utilized to offer support services, such as garbage or revenue collection, to stations along a train route.

Trains come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each built for a certain function. A train can be made up of one or more locomotives with railroad cars connected, self-propelled multiple units, or a single or articulated powered coach known as a railcar. Monorails, high-speed railroads, maglev, atmospheric railways, rubber-tired subterranean, funicular, and cog railways are examples of special trains that travel on purpose-built “railways.”

One or more engines and (typically) numerous carriages make up a passenger train. A train can also be fully made up of passenger-carrying coaches, some or all of which are powered; this is referred to as “multiple units.” High-speed rail is widely utilized for passenger transport in many regions of the world, notably in the Far East and Europe. Freight trains are made up of cars, wagons, or trucks rather than carriages; however, certain parcel and postal trains (particularly Traveling Post Offices) resemble passenger trains on the outside. Trains can also include a mixed carriage consisting of both passenger and freight cars.

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